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Access provided by: anon Sign Out. Microsensors vs. ICs: a study in contrasts Abstract: Significant differences between microsensors and micromechanisms, on the one hand, and integrated circuits, on the other, are examined from the design viewpoint. EPRI is also testing microsensors in a groundwater monitoring project at a coal ash management facility. At present, there is no suite of microsensors that can replace a comprehensive groundwater monitoring program, which relies on laboratory measurement of pH, total dissolved solids, sulfate, chloride, calcium, and boron as well as various trace elements, such as molybdenum and arsenic.

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Microsensors are available only for measuring pH, chloride, and electrical conductance which provides a close parallel to total dissolved solids. The ones that are available are not cost-effective yet; they are not always reliable and require routine maintenance.

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That said, new microsensors can supplement traditional groundwater monitoring in a few applications. Because of their portability and lower cost relative to other monitoring equipment, they are ready for some specific applications now—detecting a coal dust plume, characterizing water flow underground, providing early warning of dike instability.

Microsensors: How They Are Made

The future possibilities are wide open. Stephanie Shaw, Bruce Hensel For more information, contact techexpert eprijournal. Your email address will not be published.

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  • This nanotechnology microsensor is so sensitive it can detect beat of insect wings!
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    He said one day soon, the microchips will measure pressure, gas build-up and even UV exposure. Non-biodegradable versions of the chip exist that include a microprocessor and Bluetooth transmitter. This lets researchers track produce temperature with their phones up to a meter range.

    Grocery store goers could one day be scanning the produce directly rather than checking sell-by and expiration dates.

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    The next major step for the team is how to create a biocompatible energy source to power the sensor in a 'clean' manner. Innovation Nanotechnology. Salvatore et al, Adv.

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