Rational points on algebraic varieties

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Fano Varieties. Points Rationnels sur les Fibrations.

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The aim of the Summer School and Conference on "Higher Dimensional Varieties and Rational Points" held in Budapest, Hungary during September was to bring together students and experts from the arithmetic and geometric sides of algebraic geometry in order to get a better understanding of the current problems, interactions and advances in higher dimension.

The lecture series and conference lectures assembled in this volume give a comprehensive introduction to students and researchers in algebraic geometry and in related fields to the main ideas of this rapidly developing area.

Brauer Groups, Tamagawa Measures, and Rational Points on Algebraic Varieties

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D. Loughran - Sieving rational points on algebraic varieties - Institut Fourier - Vidéo - Canal-U

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Knudsen and D. Mumford, "The projectivity of the moduli space of stable curves.

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